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Dr. med. Maria Kaan (née Dillmann) and Dr. med. Florian Schneider worked as volunteers between 2006 and 2007 at Endulen Hospital located in rural North-Western Tanzania. After finishing school in Germany, both of them left their hometown to work as a so-called temporary missionary (“Missionar auf Zeit”, MAZ). Florian stayed for one year in Ethiopia and Maria for half a year in southern Tanzania, before coming to Endulen.

After coming back to Germany, Maria and Florian decided to further support the Massai people and the work at Endulen Hospital. Hence, in February 2008 together with some other founding members, they founded the NGO “Endulen e.V. – Trage es im Herzen mit”, which is officially registered as a non-profit organization at the local tax office (Finanzamt) and the local district court (Amtsgericht) in Regensburg.

Since then, our NGO has been able to collect more than 280,000 Euros (numbes by Jan. 2018) and has been able to run many different projects in Eastern Africa. One of our biggest projects so far was the construction of a very separate maternity wing at Endulen Hospital to improve mother and child health by encouraging Massai women to give birth at the hospital in a safe environment. Another important project was the extension of the hospital´s energy and water supply (e.g. by building water tanks or by replacing water pumps). We do also offer financial support to cover for emergency procedures or live-saving medication when there is a shortage. Another central aspect of our work is medical education e.g. by teaching basic health care aspects to medical staff, traditional birth attendants or young girls and women.

While working at Endulen Hospital, we have made quite a lot of experiences. Now we aim to transfer them to other regions in Tanzania and Eastern Africa.

Our NGO, which used to be quite small in the beginning, has now become an organization, that runs sustainable projects in different medical facilities spread all over Tanzania.

Our number of members increases constantly. Some of our new members impressively support the NGO´s work by their creativity and enthusiasm. And some of them even have taken responsible leading positions in our NGO.

Operation Sites

Endulen is a small village in northern Tanzania in the middle of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Completely isolated from civilisation and technical progress, the nomadic Masai tribe lives there in harmony with nature and the animals of the African wilderness. Endulen is neither connected to the water supply nor to the road and electricity network. The only fortified building in this area is the 72-bed hospital "Endulen Hospital", which is responsible for the medical care of about 72,000 people. "Endulen Hospital" was founded in 1976 by Dr. Herbert Watschinger, an Austrian missionary and doctor. Initially it functioned almost exclusively as a tuberculosis hospital, as this disease was particularly common in the area around Endulen. Under the direction of various chief physicians, the "Endulen Hospital" has developed from a simple residential house and an additional X-ray house to a complete hospital with 72 beds. It is equipped with a laboratory, a pharmacy, a primary health care department, X-ray and ultrasound rooms, a small and large operating room and a maternity ward. At the moment 56 Tanzanians are employed, including doctors, nurses and other supporting staff such as cleaners and cooks. Due to the remoteness, the hospital staff live in huts and small houses right next to the "Endulen Hospital", so that they are immediately available in case of emergency. Malaria, tuberculosis, worm diseases, pneumonia and syphilis are among the five most common diseases in the area. Injuries from wild animals and malnutrition are also common. The first HIV tests carried out in the Ngorongoro Nature Reserve in 2001 showed a rather low prevalence of 1.5% compared to the rest of the country (9%). However, last year the number of people infected with HIV in this region rose to 4.2%. This increase is either due to the fact that more and more people are willing to be tested for HIV, or it means that the HIV epidemic is indeed spreading very rapidly. Various cultural customs and polygamy also favour the spread of the immunodeficiency disease, which is accelerated by a multitude of sexually transmitted diseases and lack of education. Since the Masai are not allowed to farm within the nature reserve, they have to obtain food from outside. These rules have been established by the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority (Directorate of the Ngorongoro Nature Reserve) to protect the wild animals.



Executive Board

Our executive board is elected every year by the general meeting of members. The current executive board is represented by:



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Our NGO “Endulen e.V. – Trage es im Herzen mit!“ was founded in April 2008 in Regensburg. Since then, the NGO is registered at the central NGO register of the local district court (Amtgericht) in Regensburg (Number VR 200 299). The NGO is also registered at the local tax office (Finanzamt) in Regensburg (Tax number 244/108/10235) and approved as non-profit (charitable) and tax privileged.

Our NGO currently has 38 recorded members, that meet up at least two times a year for a general members meeting. They strongly feel attached to our projects and to Tanzania by different reasons.

We have many volunteers, supporters and donors, such as single persons, companies, schools, women societies, religious parishes, student societies or other different groups from Universities and High Schools.

Since 2008, we have been able to build up cooperations with other non-profit organizations in development aid, such as „Action Medeor“, „Initiative Teilen im Cusanuswerk e.V.“, „twodecide e.V.“, „Arbeitskreis Eine-Welt Dachau“, or the German Embassy in Tanzania.

The executive board of our NGO is elected every year by our general members meeting. The board currently exists of Judith von Andrian, Patricia Neugebauer, Anna-Marie Salaja and Philipp Metzger.

Our Statues (German Version) were amended in 2018 and haven't been changed since then.